Waxing Women's Bikini Bikini Line
Women's Bikini
The bikini line removes 3 pol in from the panty line and 3 pol up on the tummy.
Waxing Women's Bikini Bikini Full
Women's Bikini
This Bikini full service covers all the Front Only of the Bikini area reaching all the way down to and It?s surroundings. Leaving a small shape, either a small triangle, a hair strip or as much as the
Waxing Women's Bikini Brazilian
Women's Bikini
The famous Brazilian wax! it covers everything in the swimsuit area, all of the hair at the front and the back inside of the buttocks
Waxing Women's Bikini Top Only
Women's Bikini
This area starts about 3 pol. below the belly button and reaches down to the beginning of the bikini line.
Waxing Women's Bikini Buttocks
Women's Bikini
This service covers the entire area of the buttocks inside and out.
Waxing Women's Bikini Buttocks Strip
Women's Bikini
The buttocks strip goes down the center of the buttocks covering about a 3pol. strip. This service does not cover the entire buttocks area.

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