Advanced Waxing Classes

Are you earning enough as an esthetician?

Are you earning enough as an esthetician? If not, this course is for you!
If you want to make a lot of money by being a Waxer Owner, you need to invest in knowledge in ways different from what everyone already does. Invest in learning our Painless Waxing Techniques! This will attract distinct audiences to your business and make you a specialist in the field, adding more value to your service. Each region of the body has a sensitivity. All of this needs to be taken into consideration and there are techniques for every occasion, every region, and every skin type. In general, you will find tips for doing well in this profession, you will know the main techniques of hair removal to follow. This comprehensive workshop includes everything you need to know for efficient waxing from head to toe with hands on training and how to achieve optimum results for a perfect Brazilian Wax and Full Body Wax for Men/Women.


  • Painless waxing techniques
  • Proper body Mechanics
  • Speed Techniques (15 minute Brazilian Waxing)
  • Best tips to avoid Ingrown Hair
  • Best tips of How to Wax each body parts
  • How to wax older and lose skin
  • How to wax Eye Brows
  • How to wax Underarms
  • How to wax Full Legs
  • How to wax Full Arms
  • How to wax Full Face
  • How to wax Buttocks
  • 10 mistakes should avoid at all costs


  • Price List with duration of  Body Parts
  • Techniques Customer acquisition
  • Monetization techniques like increasing average ticket
  • Activation techniques how to increase number of customers
  • Cash flow, how to calculate profits and expenses for your business
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly worksheet
  • Marketing: Posts bundles, Tips and Discounts

The total amount is $ 1250.00 and can be paid in 4 x $ 312.50 using Pay Later on Paypal or Sezzle on Shopify

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