Elastic Painless Waxing

Elastic Wax Center LLC was created with the intention to help people feel good about themselves. We believe that everyone should get the chance to feel beautiful in their own skin! That is why we keep our beauty services at very affordable prices.
At Elastic Wax Center LLC, we offer exceptional value for whatever your budget is. No matter which of our waxing services you choose, we always use a high number of spatulas and never double dipping. We are very careful about choosing only the best organic and natural products, always with an eye on our clients’ health and wellbeing. Our waxing rooms and waxing tools are kept at the highest level of hygiene, properly disinfected and sanitized after every client. This is important for our clients’ safety and health.

We hope that you will come in and discover the full benefits of waxing at Elastic Wax Center LLC. Here, our clients are our family!

Back to the Community Project

We  hold the belief that every business should be a force for good and being able to give back to our community is a privilege.  To do our part, we've been developing a number of programs at Elastic Wax Center LLC designed to do just that!

Donations with Every Sale

We are committed to make a difference in the world. The more clients Elastic Wax Center LLC gets the higher our contribution will be! Currently we donate 2% to non profit organizations, our goal is to increase to 7%. In order to do so, we are offering a special 30% discount to new clients and $5 off for re-booking.
Be part of the change, support our social impact endeavor! Come join us, invite your family and friends to do good while looking great!

Are you earning enough as an esthetician? If not, this course is for you!

If you want to make a lot of money by being an Waxer Owner you need to invest in knowledge in ways different from what everyone already does. Investing in learning Hair removal techniques ?Advanced Waxing Training ? Elastic Hard Wax is essential! This will attract distinct audiences to your business and make you a specialist in the field, adding more value to your service. Each region of the body has a sensitivity. All of this needs to be taken into consideration and there are techniques for every occasion, every region, every skin. In general, you will find tips for doing well in this profession, you will know the main techniques of hair removal to follow. This comprehensive workshop includes everything you need to know for efficient waxing from head to toe with hands on experience and achieve optimum results for a perfect Brazilian Bikini Wax experience and Full Body Wax Men/Women.

We Treat Clients Like Family

Another program that we are proud to offer is designed to strengthen our relationships with clients who are temporarily going through difficult times, such as loss of their job. When someone you care about is in trouble, it?s important to reach out a helping hand, and we care about our clients. If a client has been constantly returning for services with us for a period of 12 months or more, we will be offering free waxing sessions to them for a negotiated period of time, treating only Lower Legs, Eyebrows, Underarm, Upper Lip & Apex of the Nose until they can get back on their feet. With this treat the person will feel encouraged and confident during the job interview process. We plan to explore additional services in the future.

These programs are just the start of what we hope to accomplish.

The Training, Coaching and Consulting Program also helps disadvantaged women learn the skill of waxing to establish a new career as well as launch their own waxing salon.

At Elastic Wax Center LLC, we appreciate our clients very much and we like to be part of their lives, while also being in touch with their souls.

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